There are people who call themselves graphic designers, photographers, or something else specific. I tend to call myself an artist, the reason being that I'm interested in a variety of mediums and projects. Why should I be tied down to just one thing? Artist encompasses all of the mediums.

I could trace my interest in art all the way back to when I was a kid wanting to design video games. When my family got a computer I dabbled with digital art a little bit, but things didn't start getting serious until high school. That's when I started taking classes that taught me how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Flash. Photoshop furthered an interest in photography; those were the two I played with the most leading up to college. I credit having taken those classes in high school with why I got the degree I did.

By the time I arrived at Northern Michigan University I'd already added an interest in video to my growing list of mediums. Attending there allowed me to study that, the other mediums I'd grown to love, and some others as well. Being there I got to expand my knowledge of what I found interesting as well learn the necessary core elements. In other words, NMU allowed me to utilize my interest in various mediums.

While in college I picked up some experience back in Ohio by making graphics for plaques and awards as well as holding an internship at a portrait studio. A few months after graduation I got a job making online training (eLearning) courses in Cincinnati. Photography and coding held my interest during that time frame, and that began to facilitate the need for a revamped website. Eventually I began working on it, and as a desire to do more video work arose that created the final push to get the new version online. After all of that here we are today, where the craziness is just beginning.